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Elba :Island of wonders

There are many reasons why I literally felt in love with Elba. I started to visit Elba when I was a child : 6 years old. It was the 80's and I remember that my mother took her car and start a very long trip from Florence passing by Tuscany hills..there was no highway at that time. Was amazing to look through the window all that green hills with the vineyards , cultivated fields and cypresses.

Then when we arrived at the port there were long queues before embarking, today there are many more ships ! In the end we arrived at our destination, we stayed in a small hotel in a charming village called Poggio close to Monte Capanne, from there there was a magnificent view over the whole island .. who knows why my mother hadn't chosen a hotel by the sea, I only know that I thank her for not doing it, because in that rural landscape, I could appreciate the beauty of nature, the chestnut woods, the water springs, the villages with the traditional Tuscan houses and then in the morning we went down to the sea, and we stayed hours to bathe in crystal clear water. That's why I love the Island of Elba because rural villages still exist, it's a corner of paradise with crystal clear sea surrounded by nature ... where vegetation and beautiful beaches blend in perfect harmony. Today I would like to give you this wonderful video, made by Daniele Fiaschi. We hope to see you soon in wonderful Elba. Elba Island: the great beauty.


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