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Rental Villa near Capo d'Arco Park - Elba Island

Nestled in the nature near cozy fisherman's villages

About ten years ago we found a real paradise on the hill of Porto Azzurro , to the borders of Capo d'Arco park. We built a house that for us is the perfect retreat. When we arrive to the villa and exit from the car, the first thing that we notice is the smell of nature, and the sky full of stars, we do not have light pollution there ! Of course the house has all the comforts and we have the light in the house but we switch on just when is necessary.

Home away from home: an experience for nature lovers.

We decide to share this retreat with people and rent our beautiful private villa with big garden, terrace, patio, barbecue and wood oven. To be here is an experience. Perfect for vacations for families or group of friends. In the evening to have dinner all together in the garden making a pizza in wood oven with a glass or wine or a beer add the perfect atmosphere to your vacation. We also are pet friendly accomodation.


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